Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Are there any safe adult websites that won't give my computer a virus?

I know people visit adult websites and I'm pretty sure most of you guys have been to atleast one adult site in your life. I've heard that there are many pornography websites that can give you viruses or something like that. But how do you know whether it's a dangerous pornography sites or not? They seem to be pretty much the same for me. I recently had to take my PC to a computer store due to a virus that I think I got from a pornography site. I don't want this to happen again. So, is there a safe site to watch pornography without getting a virus? Thanks.
Obviously, we won't judge you. Most people will deny that they watch it but we all know someone's watching, otherwise online pornography wouldn't be so popular and profitable. Some of those websites are indeed designed to distribute malicious software. There's a chance that other pornography websites that are considered to be safe can be hacked and may in theory distribute malware, at least for a short period of time. However, cyber crooks tend to create their own malicious websites. As far as I know there are two main categories of dangerous adult sites: fake adult sites that distribute Trojans or other viruses (through the use of fake codes or flash player plug-ins) and fake pay sites where you have to buy membership in order to watch videos. There are also websites where you can download full movies, etc. Why they succeed? Because usually they promise you pornography which is clearly illegal, or morally reprehensible, very often contains of extreme and disturbing scenes. First of all, you shouldn't do a search on Google or any other search engine for free or illegal pornography. Secondly, you should follow the recommendation given below.

Before surfing adult web sites:

1. Update software on your computer regularly. Turn auto updates on and patch found software vulnerabilities immediately. This is rule number one. Also, install anti-malware software to detect most recently discovered spyware and Trojans, for instance Zbot and similar password stealing malware. Some adult sites are definitely up there for spyware.

Attention! Recently, cyber crooks begun to use adult sites to access personal information using malicious web browser add-ons not only Trojans. The difference is that most antivirus programs perform poorly against malicious web browser add-ons. Detection ratio is just about 10% or even less. I highly recommend you to download anti-malware software and run a full system scan.

2. Make sure you have a program that removes all traces of visited adult websites COMPLETELY. Why? Because even if you have deleted all the browsing history manually, skilled users can still see all of your pictures and video as well as check out what you have been looking at online. Trust me, this can be done quite easily if you have the right tools and know how to use them.

To protect my identity I use this great program called Privacy Controls. It permanently deletes all the traces of visited websites and downloaded files that might be embarrassing if someone else sees them. It's a very powerful and useful program.

3. Use browser security add-ons: Web of Trust and NoScript.

4. Here's a list of popular and we think safe porn websites (not safe for children of course):

Website Infected pages / Tested pages Infection rate Pageviews / User Infection probability*
xnxx.com 3 / 7227 0.04% 9.8 0.3%
xhamster.com 1529 / 33334 4.5% 9.9 36%
spankwire.com 306 / 2971 10.2% 3.3 29%
pornhub.com 0 / 6475 0% 5.5 0%
fritchy.com 2 / 140 0% 8.8 0%
tube8.com 839 / 22358 3.7% 3.7 13%
keezmovies.com 66 / 2110 3.1% 2.8 8%
redtube.com 0 / 9848 0% 4.9 0%
xvideos.com 0 / 38274 0% 11.8 0%
youjizz.com 14 / 4123 0.3% 6.3 1%
youporn.com 0 / 3934 0% 5.7 0%
literotica.com 3 / 644 0.4% 10.4 4%
adam4adam.com 0 / 139 0% 33.7 0%
perfectgirls.net 53 / 3894 1.3% 6.5 8%
gayromeo.com 0 / 8 0% 48.7 0%
planetsuzy.org 0 / 1572 0% 13.2 0%
chaturbate.com 0 / 7748 0% 13.7 0%
xxxbunker.com 0 / 3172 0% 1.8 0%
freeones.com 102 / 1409 7.2% 7.3 42%
4tube.com 0 / 1848 0% 4.6 0%
fuq.com 5 / 436 1.1% 4.9 5%
drtuber.com 0 / 3568 0% 2.5 0%
beeg.com 0 / 2229 0% 5.5 0%
motherless.com 143 / 6401 2.2% 15.8 29%
fapdu.com 0 / 7038 0% 3.7 0%
youngleafs.com 23 / 608 3.7% 2.7 9%
blackcockchurch.com 0 / 62 0% 4.4 0%
sunporno.com 3 / 414 0.7% 3 2%

* Google Safe Browsing data was used to calculate Infection probability and Infection rate. These figures are not necessarily 100% accurate and may not represent the current situation, however, they give you better understanding of malware distribution and how popular websites appeared to function as an intermediary for infections over the past 90 days.

Keep in mind that adult sites have a greater chance of putting viruses in your computer. Under normal circumstances, all these websites are safe but pretty much all of them suffer from malicious ads that come from third party ad networks. It's best to actually have an anti-malware program installed on your computer and use it regularly because Trojan.Zbot and similar password stealing malware may not be detected by most antivirus programs. Please do not rely just on antivirus software. Scan your computer with recommended anti-malware as well.

Recent malware incidents:

sunporno.com Discovered: Oct 16, 2013. An iframe on sunporno.com redirects users to Exploit Kit which targets a known vulnerability in Java and tries to load Flimrans ransomware with an amazingly poor detection ratio 4/48.

pornerbros.com Discovered: Oct 9, 2013. Distribution of ZeroAccess rootkit. Cyber crooks used the same scheme as in most recent malwaretising attacks on xvidoes and dreamamateurs. Keep in mind that ZeroAccess, also known as Sirefef, usually downloads more malware onto the infected computer.

x3xtube.com Discovered: Oct 6, 2013. Distribution of the police-themed ransomware and Zbot banking trojan.

dreamamateurs.com Discovered: Oct 4, 2013. Pushes Kovter Trojan via infected advertisements from third-party advertising networks. This Trojan may perform a number of actions of an attacker's choice on and infected computer, for example steal your passwords or install additional malware.

xvideos.com Discovered: Sep 3, 2013. For the second time this year, distribution of the password stealing trojans and Reveton ransomware via dating site advertisement served from a third-party advertising network.

xvideos.com Discovered: May 2, 2013. Distribution of the password stealing trojan Zbot via dating site advertisement served from a third-party advertising network. If you've visited xvideos.com at least once this month, you should scan your computer with recommended anti-malware software (direct download) or any other malware scanner of your choice which has good Zbot and similar password stealing trojans detection rates)

tube8.com Discovered: April 30, 2013. Distribution of the password stealing trojan Zbot.

tube8.com Discovered: May 18, 2012. Distribution of police themed FBI ransomware.

pornerbros.com Discovered: April 20, 2012. Distribution of ZeroAccess rootkit, ransomware and rogue security software.

Remember, don't download or install any video players or codecs supposedly required to watch online videos. Flash player is enough and make sure you have the latest version of it. Do not download adult movies using Torrent applications. And finally, see what happens when you allow your feelings to get in front of you. You are welcome!

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