Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Remove Antispybase.com (Free removal)

Antispybase.com is a misleading websites which promotes AV Security Suite scareware. It's one of the most active AV Security Suite related websites at the moment. The rogue anti-spyware programs blocks nearly all legit websites and redirects users of compromised computers to Antispybase.com. Some people think that Antispybase.com is a browser hijacker and that they have an adware on their computer. In reality, they got infected with AV Security Suite malware and couple of other Trojans. Those Trojans hijacks web browsers and search results.

If you are being constantly redirected to Antispybase.com, then you should follow AV Security Suite removal instructions as soon as possible. Thankfully, you can remove Antispybase.com and related malware from your computer for free using legitimate anti-malware software. Full details on how to remove this virus from your computer on the link above. If you have any questions or additional information about this infection, please don't hesitate and leave a comment. Good luck and be safe!

Screenshot of Antispybase.com

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