Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Remove (Free Removal) is a rogue website that promotes Antivir Solution Pro which is a fake anti-virus program. Basically, it's a pay page of the rogue program. Once your computer is infected with the rogue program you will be constantly redirect to The misleading website is full of false information, reviews, comments and etc. Please note that there are probably many more rogue websites that promote Antivir Solution Pro malware. is only one of them.

If you find that your computer is infected with Antivir Solution Pro scareware or you are being constantly redirected to without any particular reason please follow Antivir Solution Pro removal instructions. After you remove the rogue program and any related malware from your computer, please make sure to use an anti-malware or anti-virus program with a solid real time protection. Our favorite anti-virus program is ESET NOD32. Good luck and be safe!

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