Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Remove Antivirmars.com (Uninstall Guide)

Antivirmars.com is a rogue website which may compromise your computer security. It doesn't host malware, but it provides false information about program called Security Suite. Antivirmars.com has some false testimonials and states that SecuritySuite is a legitimate anti-virus program. In reality, though, Security Suite is a rogue security product that displays fake security warnings and deliberately reports system security threats. There's also a purchase page where you can buy Security Suite and you may even choose from three different versions: basic, pro and platinum. I really doubt that you could knowingly end up with Antivirmars.com. Usually, Security Suite malware or Trojans redirect users to Antivirmars.com and blocks other websites. If you are reading this post then your computer is probably infected too. Please follow Security Suite removal instructions to remove the rogue program and any additional malware from your computer for free with legitimate and reputable anti-malware programs. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Comments are more than welcome. Good luck and be safe online!

Screen shot of antivirmars.com:

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