Monday, 5 March 2012

Remove Windows Secure Kit 2012 (Uninstall Guide)

Windows Secure Kit 2012 is a fake online virus scanning website. If you received such misleading warnings (see images below) on a website telling you that your computer is infected with spyware, worms and many other viruses, you should close your web browser immediately. Do not click on "Remove all" or "Cancel" because the JavaScript code triggers malware download even if you click Cancel (deceiving action). Windows Secure Kit 2012 is a good example of a social engineering attack when cyber criminals prey upon user's fears to install malware. The source of Windows Secure Kit 2012 attack may vary but what I've learned over the past few years - there is no such a thing as a safe website. Cyber criminals can compromised popular websites as well, so malware source can be websites all over the internet even the trusted ones. Recent variants of Windows Secure Kit 2012 have spread mainly through compromised ads. Cyber criminals usually use free domain services such as to redirect traffic to rogue security programs.

Below is an example of a fake online virus scanner message.
Windows Secure Kit 2012 has found critical process activity on your PC and will perform fast scan of system files!

Windows Security Alert
To help protect your computer, Windows Web Secure Kit have detected Trojans and ready to remove them.

If Windows Secure Kit 2012 scanner is constantly popping up then your computer is probably infected by a Trojan horse that pushes rogue security products. If you received it once and you didn't downloaded anything, I think you're ok. Otherwise, your PC would be severely messed up. Anyway, if you suspect that your computer got infected with some sort of malware that displays fake security alerts or redirects your search results, you should run a full system scan with recommended anti-malware software (direct download). Make sure your anti-malware is up-to-date.

To avoid Windows Secure Kit 2012 and similar malware, don't click on pop-ups, don't download software from unknown sources and back-up your files. If you need help removing Windows Secure Kit 2012 and associated malware from your computer, please leave a comment. Good luck and be safe online!

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