Sunday, 25 April 2010

Remove Vir'O'Fire rogue antivirus program (Free removal)

Vir'O'Fire (virofire) is a Polish rogue anti-virus program. It can be downloaded from and it has to be manually installed. As you can see from its web page, Vir'O'Fire is almost a perfect copy of ThreatFire from PC Tools. If you want to run the rogue program you have to send an SMS and get back the code to unlock it. It goes without saying that you shouldn't download/install/purchase it. Vir'O'Fire is a scam. Please watch a short video about this malware made by rogueamp. If you think that your computer could have been compromised, then you should run a full system scan with legitimate anti-malware software. You may choose one from the list below. Good luck and be safe!

Screenshot of

Screenshot of

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