Thursday, 29 April 2010

Remvoe (Uninstall guide) is yet another misleading website related to Antispyware Soft malware. It may look like a legitimate website that promotes anti-spyware software, but it's actually fake. The website provides false information and promotes rogue anti-spyware program. Cyber criminals don't even bother and use the same web template for newly created scam websites. doesn't host harmful files at the moment, but the situation can change at any moment. That's why we strongly recommend you to avoid and add it to a list of restricted websites.

If your computer is already infected with Antispyware Soft then you can be redirected to instead of Please note that Antispyware Soft and has nothing to do with Microsoft Corp. Now, the most important question is how to remove AntispywareSoft? Thankfully, this malware can be removed for free using legitimate anti-malware programs. More information here: Antispyware Soft removal instructions. If you have any question or additional information about this malware, please don't hesitate and leave a comment. Good luck and be safe!

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