Monday, 6 September 2010

Remove and (Uninstall Guide) and are potentially harmful websites that promote rogue anti-spyware programs called Defence Center and Windows Defence. Basically, it's one rogue application with two different names. Graphical user interface is the same. and also shares the same web template and information which is obviously false. There are no visible download links on any of these websites but purchase the rogue program without any problems. The bad guys use plimus payment system. Both sites claim that they will provide extended customers support and that you will save your money if you choose to buy their products. That's a scam. Both sites, and gives a false sense of security so they should be avoided.

Most importantly, if your computer got infected with Defence Center or Windows Defence malware then please don't purchase it and remove the rogue program from the system as soon as possible. We've got the removal instructions to help you to remove these rogue programs. Please read how to remove Defence Center and how to remove Windows Defence. If you have any questions please leave a comment. Additional information about and is welcome too. Good luck and be safe online!

A screen shot of

A screen shot of

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