Saturday, 4 September 2010

Remove (Removal Guide) is a misleading website that promotes the rogue anti-virus program called Win7 AV. The similarity between the fake website ant the legitimate Microsoft Security Essential website is obvious and we have to admit that the bad guys did a good job because looks very genuine. It's almost the exact copy of the legitimate Microsoft Security Essential website. The bad guys copied the awards received by Microsoft and they claim that Win7 AV is the best anti-virus solution on the market. To be clear, the rogue program and its main web page has nothing to do with Microsoft. If you are looking for free anti-virus software then you should visit the official Microsoft Security Essentials website. It's free, absolutely genuine and it does protect your computer from malware. Whereas Win7 AV is a scam. It's costs $59.95 USD and you can't even download a trial version. The rogue program claims that it has certifications from Icsa Labs and Virus Bulletin but that's obvious not true. If you are being redirected to then your computer is probably infected with Trojans or Win7 AV scareware. Please follow Win7 AV removal guide.

A screenshot of the rogue's main website:

A screenshot of the genuine Microsoft Security Essentials page:

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