Monday, 18 March 2013

Remove System message - Error Seek popup and related malware

System message - Error Seek is a fake warning that shows up when your computer is infected with the System Repair virus. It claims that "The drive cannot locate a specific area or track on the disk. The system cannot find the drive specified. Storage to process this request is not available." Typically, this fake error warning shows up right before the main scanners. It may be also covered with a bunch of other fake notifications, mostly about bad disk sectors, etc.

Please note that the same or very similar warnings way show up when your computer is infected with other fake system defragmenters, for instance System Fix or System File Restore. There are more than twenty of them, you may search this site for detailed write-ups and removal instructions. System message - Error Seek is just a part of more sophisticated malware infection. Very often, such applications are packed with rootkits and spyware modules. Manual removal is possible but not recommended. Just because you can stop the fake warnings doesn't mean your PC is perfect safe.

To remove this infections from your computer, please follow this removal guide. Very important: do not follow on screen instructions and do not attempt to fix reported system errors manually. You will only make the situation worse. Do not pay for the rogue application either. Scammers are really good at this and even though the payment page says you have all rights to get your money back if you are not satisfied, the truth is you won't get your money back. Simple as that. Unless you will contact your credit card company really fast and dispute the charges.

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