Friday, 1 October 2010

Remove Antimalware Doctor Protection Center (Uninstall Guide)

Antimalware Doctor Protection Center is a fake pop up window that impersonates the legitimate Microsoft Security Center. It claims that you should activate Antimalware Doctor in order to protect your computer against malicious software. It also claims that all three main Windows security settings: firewall, automatic updates and anti-virus protection are turned off. Antimalware Doctor Protection Center as well as Antimalware Doctor is nothing more but a scam. If you choose to pay for this bogus program you will simple lose your money. What is more, you credit card information can be soled to cyber criminals. So, please don't purchase it. If you have already paid for for Antimalware Doctor then please contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. Antimalware Doctor Protection Center is not a standalone malware. It's a part of Antimalware Doctor scam. This fake security center won't go away if you won't remove Antimalware Doctor from your computer. Here's an excellent step by step guide on how to remove Antimalware Doctor malware from your computer for free using legitimate anti-malware programs. If you have any questions or additional information about this malicious software please leave a comment. Good luck and be safe online!

A screen shot of Antimalware Doctor Protection Center:

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