Sunday, 24 January 2010

How to block/remove (free removal) is a browser hijacker, fake online anti-malware scanner that promotes the System Security scareware or we may call it simply a virus. The fake scanner hosts harmful files that's why please don't visit it. impersonates Windows OS and displays local disk icons just like in "My Computer" view. It states that each local disk is infected and has to be cleaned with System Security software. The funny thing of course is that this site displays the same icons and fake infections on every computer. No need to say that this is nothing more but a scam. Remove or block as soon as possible. To do that, please download at least one of the legitimate anti-malware software listed below and scan your computer: was designed better than usual fake scanners. It displays installation instructions and fake notification in the right corner. Don't be confused and leave this bogus websites as soon as possible. As you can see from who is information, it originates from Russia. screenshot:

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