Sunday, 24 January 2010 and scam (removal instructions) and are two identical websites that promote the rogue anti-spyware application called Antivirus Live. First of all, don't visit those websites. This short post was added just to inform you about those two dangerous websites. They don't act as browser hijackers, but provide completely false information about fake product. The image below is a screenshot of looks the same (uses the same web template). If you are being constantly redirected to those websites, then unfortunately, your computer is probably infected with Antivirus Live scareware or Trojans that promote it. One way or another, that means that your PC is compromised. Please read how to remove Antivirus Live from your computer manually for free and how to block and scam. Also please note, that there are many more such websites promoting rogue security applications. Avoid such websites and be safe!

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