Thursday, 21 January 2010

Remove scam associated with Ghost Antivirus fraudware is a browser hijacker associated with Ghost Antivirus - fake anti-virus software. Actually, it's a fake online scanner that displays bogus pop ups claiming that your computer is infected when in reality it's not. Another domain associated with this rogue AV is Both sites display the same scan results. Of course, there are more such websites not only these two. And there are many more rogue AVs so in case you see a window that looks like the one shown below, close your web browser immediately. Usually, rogue programs has to be manually installed, however in some cases such programs enters a computer without user's knowledge. So, for example, what to do if your computer is infected with a rogue program called Ghost Antivirus?

Screenshot of false scan results:

First off all, read Ghost Antivirus removal guide. If it fails, then look for alternative removal instructions or removal tools. It seems like nowadays you have to use at least two different anti-malware programs to completely remove scams and fake antivirus software. You can take a look at this Ghost Antivirus removal guide:

McAfee SiteAdvisor only proves that ( is a scam:

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