Friday, 12 March 2010 scam (Free removal) is a misleading site classified as a browser hijacker. This browser hijacker promotes the fake anti-virus program called Antivirus 7. The rogue program spreads very fast and one of the main malicious sites used to promote Antivirus 7 is That's why you should avoid that site at any cost. If you were redirected to this bogus site from other malicious website or advertisement then you should leave it immediately.

Usually, users are being redirected to That page displays fake security warning "Warning! Visiting this site may harm your computer!". There are two options "Continue Unprotected" and "Get Security software". No matter which one you choose you will be redirected to the pay page of Antivirus 7 scareware.

However, if you see's warnings constantly then your computer is probably infected with Antivirus 7 or trojans that promote this rogue program. One way or another you should remove system security threats as soon as possible. Please follow Antivirus 7 removal instructions and remove this virus from your computer upon detection. Good luck and be safe!

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