Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Old websites as part of a spammers SEO campaign

If you own an old website and you are not working on it anymore then you should realize that it may become part of a spammers SEO campaign. Or it may get infected with trojans such as Troj/IFrame. Usually, spammers add numerous keywords to infected pages and use them for SEO spam campaigns. Most of the time there are many (thousands) such infected sites that are used to put certain malicious sites on the first page of Google search results. Such infected websites then redirect people to various misleading sites, fake online scanners, bogus video sites and etc. Guys from Sophos Labs blogged an interesting post called Old websites don’t die they just get infected. Don't give a chance to spammers to use your website for spamming. If your websites was infected, then first of all you should change your FTP server password.

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