Sunday, 28 March 2010

Remove scam (Uninstall guide) is yet another misleading website that represents the rogue anti-spyware program called Antivirus Soft. We receive so many complaints about this virus and websites that promote it that it's almost impossible to inform about all of them. Recently, we got several complaints about, so we decided to draw your attention to this one. It's a typical misleading and it's full of false information. The main goal as usual is to trick as many people as possible into thinking that Antivirus Soft is a legitimate anti-virus program. That's definitely false.

If you are reading this article then your computer is infected either with Trojans or the rogue anti-virus program Antivirus Soft. There is a chance that the only issue is, however, that's a sign of infection as well. So, what to do next? The answer is actually very simple. You have to remove Antivirus Soft and any related malware from your computer including Please follow free Antivirus Soft removal instructions. Good luck and be safe!

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