Monday, 20 February 2012

Windows Smart Warden Removal

Windows Smart Warden is a rogue anti-malware program that gains access to a system mostly by means of fake online virus scanners and hacked websites. More specifically speaking it's a Trojan horse disguised itself as anti-malware software. The most common goal of Windows Smart Warden is to steal personal information: name, credit card number, etc. Once installed, this rogue anti-malware program will state your computer is badly infected and that found malware can be only removed if the full version of the rogue software is purchased. It can be very difficult to properly remove Windows Smart Warden. Especially, if it comes bundled with rootkits and spyware modules. Detailed manual instructions on removing this rogue anti-malware software can be found by clicking here (this removal guide was written for the same malware, although it is being distributed with a different name now).

Windows Smart Warden GUI and some fake security alerts:

Fake error notification

Another error message claiming that your computer is infected with spyware

Warning! Virus detected Trojan-SMS

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