Sunday, 7 March 2010 scam (Free removal) is yet another misleading website that promotes the rogue anti-spyware program called Antivirus Live. In some parts of this bogus site the scammers claim to promote Antivirus Live 2010. Such product doesn't exist or at least it was not promoted until now. Besides, it's kind of strange to relate such domain name as with Antivirus Live 2010. It's not logical. is was detected on Dec 25th 2009, but it's still active. It doesn't host harmful files, it's more like a pay page of Antivirus Live. However, you still shouldn't visit this site. Now, of constantly pop-ups on your screen or you are being redirected to this malicious site from time to time then your computer is probably infected with Antivirus Live scareware or Trojans that promote it. In such case you read how to remove Antivirus Live virus from your PC for free using legitimate and free anti-malware software. Good luck!

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