Sunday, 15 May 2011

Remove Apple security center (Uninstall Guide)

Apple security center is a fake virus scanner that reports non-existent infections on your computer. It is in no way associated with Apple Company. It's a JavaScript-based fake scanner that looks just like a Mac OS X Finder window. It doesn't actually scan your computer. The fake Apple security center displays predetermined list of falsified infections, e.g., Trojan.OSX.RSPlug.P, Exploit.OSX.Small, Virus.MacOS.Init17, etc. Please note, cyber criminals may use real Mac malware names in case you would search for a certain malware name to is if it actually exists. The fake virus scanner also indicates that it is part of Apple Security Alert. Apple security center distributes other malware, usually fake anti-virus software, e.g, MAC Defender, Mac Security, Mac Protector. When you click or close the fake scanner page you are prompted to download a .zip or a.mpkg file onto your Mac. Merely visiting the Apple security center scanner doesn't compromise your Mac. As long as you don't install anything, you're fine. You should protect yourself with common sense and legitimate anti-virus software. If you suspect that your computer is infected, run a full system scan with Sophos Antivirus or ESET Cybersecurity. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below. Good luck and be safe online!

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