Thursday, 3 March 2011

How to Remove Android Rootcager (Uninstall Guide)

Android.Rootcager is a Trojan horse that steals information from Android devices. It can take screenshots, gather IMEI and IMSI numbers and send them to remote servers, and install a DownloadProvidersManager Android Package which creates a backdoor to your Android device and downloads additional malware in the background. Cyber-criminals inject their malicious code into popular free apps and republishes in the official marketplace under different application and publisher names. If you think that you may have installed an application in question, check (DownloadManageService) in the “Running Services” activity available from the Application system settings of your phone. If you find this service running on your phone, please stop it and uninstall the DownloadProvidersManager Android Package.

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Android.Rootcager removal instructions:

1. Tap on Settings and under Settings, tap on Applications.
2. Under Applications, tap on Running services.
3. To stop (DownloadManageService) service, just tap it. A dialog will come up. Tap Stop to close the service.
4. Then, go to Manage Applications. Select the (DownloadManageService) and click on the "Uninstall" button.

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