Thursday, 24 March 2011

Remove Android.Zeahache (Uninstall Guide)

Android.Zeahache is a Trojan horse that uses a publicly available exploit to elevate privileges on Android-based devices. The Trojan itself doesn't perform any malicious activities but other malware can take advantage of the changes made to your smart phone. For example, other applications may use it to gain root access on compromised devices without users' knowledge. Android.Zeahache opens a backdoor on the compromised device making it vulnerable to cyber crime. It drops a root shell to the following location: /system/bin/zhash. This Trojan horse affects mostly Chinese Android phone owners who either downloaded the app through the Chinese application markets or the official Android Market. Google has already removed infected application from the official Android Market and took further steps to remove the threat from compromised devices. If you've downloaded the application in question from alternative markets, you have to remove the threat yourself. Next time, download applications only from trusted sources. You should also use mobile security software which will scan every application you download to ensure it is safe. Good luck and be safe online!

1. Open the Google Android Menu.
2. Go to the Settings icon and select Applications.
3. Next, click Manage.
4. Select the application and click the Uninstall button.

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