Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Remove Android.Tonclank (Uninstall Guide)

Android.Tonclank is a Trojan horse that steals information from compromised Android devices. It may open a backdoor and accept commands to perform additional actions on the phone. It gathers basic information about the phone: Device ID and Device permissions. It then sends this information to predefined locations. Android.Tonclank is also capable of performing the following actions:
  • copy all of the bookmarks on the device
  • copy all of the history on the device
  • copy all of the shortcuts on the device
  • create a log of all of the activities performed on the device
  • modify the browser's home page
  • return the status of the last executed command
Android.Tonclank must be manually installed and it may be available for download in the Android MarketPlace as and application called Favorite Games Backup. It runs malicious code in the background and downloads additional a .jar file from the internet. If you suspect or confirm that your device has been affected by Android.Tonclank or you have recently installed an application called Favorite Games Backup, please follow the removal instructions below. Good luck and be safe online!

Android.Tonclank manual removal guide:

1. Open the Google Android Menu.
2. Go to the Settings icon and select Applications.
3. Next, click Manage.
4. Select the application and click the Uninstall button.

Additionally, you should scan your device with mobile antivirus software. All major antivirus software vendors offer Mobile Security products.
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