Friday, 8 July 2011

"System process at address 0x3BC3 have just crashed" Ransomware Removal

"System process at address 0x3BC3 have just crashed, please follow these steps to deactivate it from your system." is a fraudulent system error warning that alerts users of an erroneous system risk and then prompts users to call the premium-rate phone numbers above to resolve the apparent issue. This fake error warning clearly indicates that there is a Trojan infection on your computer. The "System process at address 0x3BC3 have just crashed" message appears on a light blue screen just as Windows loads up. It blocks Task Manager and other system tools. Unfortunately, it takes over your computer screen in Safe Mode and Safe Mode with Networking too. Hopefully, it will let you to start your computer in Safe Mode with Networking so that you can follow the general Trojan.Ransomware removal guide. You can also use your Windows CD to repair your computer if you have it or download a Rescue Disk on another computer and then clean the infected one. For more information, please follow this removal guide. However, before proceeding to the manual removal instructions, you should try to unlock your computer by entering this code: 754-896-324-589-742. It might just work!

A screen shot of the "System process at address 0x3BC3 have just crashed" error warning:

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