Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Remove www5.antimalware-lab.com (Uninstall Guide)

www5.antimalware-lab.com is a misleading website related to scareware called Anti-Malware Lab. It provides a variety of misleading reviews, awards, comparisons and other information about rogue anti-virus software. www5.antimalware-lab.com is also a payment page of the rogue AV product. If you are being redirected to that website then your computer is probably infected with Anti-Malware Lab scarware or a Trojan horse that advertises this rogue AV. Anyway, you should run legitimate anti-malware software and remove malware from your computer. For more information, please read how to remove Anti-Malware Lab. Good luck and be safe online!

Here's a screen shot of what www5.antimalware-lab.com looks like:

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